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AFL Betting Tips For Arbitrage Betting In Australia

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This section is for those who have completed the sign up bonus bets and are looking at how we sustain profits from the daily promotions in our “todays offers” section. 

AFL Betting Tips (Arbitrage Guide)

How we make weekly, risk free profits with arbitrage betting AFL promotions

When the AFL season is in full swing it's also the best time to do matched betting, there are so many promotional offers that we can turn into risk free guaranteed cash. Below are some of the most common AFL betting tips for extracting cash from bookmaker bonuses.

Below are some of the most common and how we use simple techniques like backing and laying bets on the Betfair exchange or dutching to extract the cash profit from these sign up offers.

When you begin your matched betting journey you will find that the initial sign-up offers dry up very quickly. As you are awarded a bonus for just signing up, these offers are always 100% risk free and you are guaranteed a nice profit.

When you've finished with them we can continue to make profits with matched betting by playing the promotional offers the bookmakers have each week such as the ones laid out below.

Are the promos risk free?

They are not always 100% risk free like the sign up bonuses, but usually by risking a very small loss you stand the chance to make very large profits.

Basically, we are leveraging enhanced odds and other promotions where bookmakers offer incentives for us to bet. We might get unlucky a few times and incur a few small $2-$3 losses, but we can expect that when we are awarded the bonus bets we will make 10x this amount.

Over the long term this is a very profitable system.

3 Examples of highly profitable AFL betting offers.

Once you have completed your sign up bonus bet it is time to move on to the daily promotions. These are how we make profit long term with matched betting.

These are some of the most common NFL betting and AFL betting plays that we encounter in the season.

1) Place a head to head bet and if your team win get double profit

Real Example. Place a Head to Head bet on Round 11 AFL matches and if your team win, we’ll double your winnings in cash up to the first $50 of your stake.

How we profit from it. This is one of the easier play from the daily offers. If we simply pick the favourite and back and lay them, ensuring that if the team we select wins, we will get $5o with the bookmaker and then lose $50 with Betfair, or vice versa. Then we will also get an extra $50 on top of that paid out from the bookmaker.

This extra $50 profit is usually in the form of a bonus bet, so we will need to back and lay this again to extract the 80% profit with the Oddsmatcher.

2) Lead by xx and get paid out early

Real Example - If your team lead by 20 points, you’ll be paid out as a winner.

This play is one of the best because we usually have several bookmakers doing the same one. This give us the ability to use the Dutching technique to play two bookmakers against each other so with either outcome we do not lose. You can expect to make a small loss when dutch 2 teams against each other. If you can keep it below 10% of your stake, this is a very profitable offer over time.

There can be times where you might not activate the doubles winnings for several games in a row so you might lose a bunch of $2-3 but then when the promo hits you can win $100+.

This is called variance and you need to be willing to have a streak of losing some small qualifier losses, knowing that the double winnings happens frequently enough to make this offer hugely profitable over time.

How we profit from it. If either of the 2 teams then lead by 20 points at and stage of the game we will get paid out early with bookmaker A. Then on the occasions that the other team has a comeback and goes on to win the game you will also get paid out at the end of the game as a winner on Bookmaker B.

This is a highly profitable situation as you will get paid out as a winner twice. Essentially doubling your money.

3) Score xx goals and lose the game get a bonus

Real Example Place a bet in the Match Result market of any AFL match and if your selection scores 14 goals or more but loses the match, you’ll receive a bonus bet to the value of your original stake. Up to $50.

How we profit from it? For these type of offers it's not necessary to dutch them, you can simply lay the team with the closest back and lay odds on the Betfair Exchange to make sure you make a small qualifier loss and then hope the game is high scoring, close, and your selection loses. It's important to be selective in what games you play with these promos. Usually games with two evenly matched teams are best.

More AFL betting tips to come once the season kicks off.

I will update this list of AFL betting tips to show you how to get the maximum out of our promotional offers in the daily offers section of the site, so stay tuned!

AFL Betting Tips for Arbitrage Betting
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AFL Betting Tips for Arbitrage Betting
We can use a simple back and lay technique to extract arb profits from the promotional offers made by all the Australian bookmakers each week. There are a few reoccurring offers we use to make this happen.
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