Avoiding Promo Bans | Tip #2 | What is a Mug Bet

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An important thing to consider to sustain profits over a long period of time is that most bookmakers (Almost all) will stop providing you with reload bonus bets and also stop you from taking part in any cash back promotions etc.

They do this because like any business you need to be a value to them, If you are seen to be just using them for their bonus bets they do not see you as a value customer and will turn off the tap in the form of a “promo ban” this is sad face bad 🙁

Okay so the way around this is to nuture your accounts with all the bookmakers that you regularly use their bonus bets, the way we do this is with “mug bets”.

A mug bet is essentially just placing a back bet on a non promotional market and then laying it off on the exchange in the exact same way you would do your “qualifier bet”. This makes it look to the bookmaker that you are just another regular punter and you are another valuable customer to them.

You will make a small loss on each of these mug bets (same as the qualifier bet) so it is important to find close odds to minimise this loss to <$1.  Of course this $1 that you are spending on the occasional mug bet can just come from the massive profits you have already made with the original bonus bets.

So if you intend to profit for a long time matched betting I highly recommend making yourself look like a regular punter and place some mug bets every now and then. Personally I do one mug bet for every 2-3 promotional markets I bet on.

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