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NRL Betting Tips For Matched Betting & Arbs

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This section is for those who have completed the sign up bonus bets and are looking at how we sustain profits from the daily promotions in our “todays offers” section. 

NRL Betting Tips (Matched Betting Guide)

Below I've outlined the best NRL betting tips for making the most profit match betting the weekly promos.

During the  NRL season we see a huge amount of promotional offers that we can profit from. I have listed the ones that show up most often across all the Australian Bookmakers. These are the ones we post in the "Todays Offers" section and Facebook group each day.

I've listed the ones that make us most profit each season and how to use techniques like backing and laying opposing bets on the Betfair exchange or dutch betting to extract matched betting profits from these sign up offers.

After the initial sign up bonuses have been turned into no risk cash you will want to keep making cash. This is how we do it.

Are these NRL betting promos risk free?

Some offers can be turned into cash guaranteed, but in general they're not always completely risk free like the sign up offers.We usually make some small qualifier losses in the hope of activating the bookmakers bonus and making a big profit from it.

We can incur a few small $2-$3 losses, but by arbing the best offers we can expect that when we hit the bonus we can make 10x this amount. So over the long run we make a lot of money this way.

2 Examples of profitable NRL betting promos.

These are the plays we hit up in the "todays offers" section once the season starts that make us the most profit.

1) Place a head to head bet and if your team wins you will get double profit.

Real Example.Place a Head to Head bet on a selected NRL game and if you win, you get double your winnings in cash (or bonus) up to the first $xx of your stake. (usually $25 or $50)

How we profit from it. This one is simple and has a very high return rate, usually very profitable over the season.

We back and lay the favourite, this covers us for all outcomes and means we can not lose money. Then if our selection wins we will get $5o with the bookmaker and then lose $50 with the Betfair exchange, or vice versa. On top of this, if our team win we get an extra $50  paid out from the bookie.

This extra profit is usually a bonus bet, so we will need to back and lay this to extract the 80% profit with the Aussie oddsmatcher.

2) Lead by xx to get paid out early

Real Example -If your team lead by 12 points, you are paid out early as a winner, regardless of the outcome.

To make this offer as profitable as we can, it's best to dutch bet two bookmakers against each other if they are offering similar early payout promotions. Which is usually the case.

We can make a small loss when dutch 2 teams against each other. There can be times where you might not get the early payout and doubles winnings for several games in a row so you might lose a bunch of $2-3 but then when the promo hits you can win $100+.

You need to be willing to have a streak of small qualifier losses, knowing that the double winnings happens frequently enough to make this promotion profitable over time. This is why we only do these offers once all the easy sign up promos have been turned into profit.

How we profit from it. If either of the teams we place the bet on lead by 12 points at some stage of the game we will get paid early with bookmaker A.

Then we will need team B to stage a comeback and goes on to win the game. When this happens we get paid out at the end of the game as a winner on Bookmaker B too.

This is a highly profitable situation as you will get paid out as a winner twice. We double the total amount we staked across the game and risk very little each time we dutch bet this offer.

You will need to put the odds of the two opposing teams on the 2 seperate bookmakers and use the Dutching calculator to find out how much to place on each bookmaker to balance the bet.

More NRL betting tips to come once the season kicks off.

I will update this list of NRL betting tips to show you how to get the maximum out of our promo offers in the daily offers section of the site, so stay tuned!

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