Shopify Australia & Oberlo Tutorial (Full Guide)

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Retail Arbitrage & Automation

In a nutshell: We import products from Aliexpress into our Shopify store and sell through Instagram

9 Key Points (Yes that's right .......9)

1) First sale can be made in the first week.

3) Sell any product online and protect ourselves from financial risk. No advertisment spending or product investment needed.

4) We do not need to order any stock in advance.

5) No money spent on advertising, using a brand new and free advertising technique that very few people are using yet or are even aware of. (we just pay a cut of our sales)

6) There is a learning curve and hard work involved but it's simple enough for people with zero online retail experience. 

7) You will be earning in your sleep, with your stores on autopilot.

8) People usually take 1 week to to learn the ins and outs and set up the store, then make the first sale in the first few days of launch.

9) We can create as many stores as we like. It takes work, but we can scale as much as we want. 

What you will have at then end is a beautiful looking store, a very sellable product ready for customers to buy, landing on your website. I can not guaranteed your first store will be a wild success, you should make some sales thought, and we can all help each other in the Facebook group to make sure we are all successful!

Retail Arbitrage – How To Make earn $1000+ a month passive income without spending a cent on ads or products

We use a combination of automation tools and apps to pull this off, It’s not as complicated but takes a fair amount to work to get off the ground. Once launched you will be making money as you sleep.

we do not need to buy stock, pay to have an online store developed or spend money on ads with this method.
Although we do not need to buy stock, pay to have an online store developed or spend money on ads with this method, there is still a chance you will not sell anything at first, with perseverance and willingness to learn you can make a lot of money though, with little to no risk.

Most people make sales in the first week of setting up their stores. conversion rates are good for the traffic we get because of the targeting we use when using the bots. These are typical first few days results of a recent store I set up. I got about 300 people onto the store in the first week and 10 converted. A conversion rate of 3% and I did not pay a cent for that traffic.  The product they bought was automatically shipped by a 3rd party so I did not need to have the item myself. The sales happen while I sleep.

It’s important to note that this is gross revenue, however when all deductions are made I keep 40%. So in the first week I made $90 which does not sound like a lot, however this is where we scale and add more bots, products etc. It also means that even if I did nothing else I should see sales every week as it’s on autopilot.

Once I see people buying I spend time scaling until the store makes $1000 net profit, and then I move onto other ideas so I have a portfolio of decent earning stores.

retail arbitrage Australia results

Typical results from a store I launched last week

Where to start and what do I need?

You’re only costs will be buying a website domain name (business name) for about $15 and once you are ready to go live with your first store after the free 14 day trial you will need to pay for a Shopify monthly subscription to accept credit card payments to your store, this is $29 and can be cancelled if the store is unsuccessful.

These are the only overheads you will have and are unavoidable, you should make this back very quickly. Apart from these costs, everything else is completely free, no ordering stock or burning money on Facebook or Instagram ads.

This gives us a huge opportunity as early adopters of this new landscape.

The 3 Building Blocks We Use

I’ll explain briefly how this system works before getting into the step by step guide.

BLOCK 1 |  Shopify Store Templates

Shopify Free Trial (Website + Product page/payment processor)

To quickly and cheaply create beautiful stores ready to sell our products, we use the free Shopify trial to set up our shop. When we are ready to launch and start making sales, we will then activate the store and have to pay the $29 fee. It means we can play around and set up our store for 14 days free until we are ready.

Their website templates are built specifically to simplify eCommerce, drive sales and convert traffic. So its worth it in every way. They have everything you need to start, including payment processors so you can get paid easily once you start taking orders.

BLOCK 2 | Oberlo and Aliexpress Order Fulfilment 

Oberlo are where the magic happen, it’s a plugin for your store that connects direct to AliExpress (Factory suppliers of all sorts of products)

Oberlo (Fulfil your orders, you don’t need to pay for the stock, ship to customers or ever even see the product. Orders are only placed once somebody buys through your site)

By using Oberlo we can search for any product on the backend of our Shopify store that we want to sell, we then just add the product to our store, usually the suppliers have product images too but we will get into that later.

using this technique we can make sales without spending any money on advertising!

Once it’s imported into your store then you can sell them straight away. When somebody browses to your website and buys the product the supplier will directly send the order to the customer. You never even have to see the product.

Block 3 | Instagram Automation Strategy using bots  (Free targeted traffic to your website)

The Secret Sauce – This technique I show you allows you to be surgical with your marketing. Even better, using this technique we can make sales without spending any money on advertising! The only caveat is that they take a percentage of sales, this is not an issue though as we factor that into the price we sell our products.

Retail Arbitrage & Instagram Automation | 6 Step guide to your first sale

I want to give you as much value as possible in the shortest amount of time, once you’re up and running there will be a lot more to learn. To hopefully get you your first few sales and get up and running with the technique just follow the guide. Any questions you will have (and there will be many) please join the Retail Arbitrage Facebook Group.

I will break it down into digestible chunks so we don’t get overwhelmed in the beginning..

Step 1) Set up your store, no design, just get it live and ready for business.

Step 2) Choose a niche to target checklist included

Step 3) Install Oberlo and find products to sell, checklist included

Step 4) Design your store layout

Step 5) Product design, Logo Design & description

Step 6) Set up our instagram to convert checklist included

Step 7) Surgically target customers for free with by setting up our bots and target audience my high converting bot scripts & tips included.

5 Step Guide To Your First No Risk Sale

PART 1 – Set Up Your Single Product Website

Click here to start and sign up for the free 14 day Shopify trial. It is straightforward enough. PS. If you go through my link I get a juicy affiliate commission if your store is successful and you continue after the trial. It helps me make articles like this and give support. 

Once you sign up you will have access to the dashboard. We don’t need to worry about all the features of this just yet. At the moment you will just have a blank store called This is a free domain name for your website. However I highly suggest you pay for a business domain name.

As my product is selling oil diffusers I choose to call my store Diffusey. Short, and brandable are what you are looking for here when naming your website. Also, don’t overthink it.

By default I’m given a website name for free to host my store called Obvious this looks terrible, so we should pay for a real website name. This can also be done through shopify and takes 5 minutes. It should cost around $15 to buy a domain name. If you’re just playing around to see how it all works, you can skip this step and keep the default Shopify name.

If you plan on selling something, which I would hope is your goal here, get a professional business name.

We will begin my acquiring our domain name. So customers will see my brand and website as instead of

The reason it’s important to pay for this should be obvious. You need your business to look professional if you hope to convert traffic into sales!

How To Get Your Business Domain Name On Shopify Australia?

How to install your store template

Now you are signed up and have your business name ( and have access to  the Shopify dashboard we are going to install a basic template that we can add a product to and begin making your store pop.

We are looking for template stores that are build specifically for a small amount of products. These usually consist of simple designs with big beautiful images created to get the customer to order without any distractions.

There are lots of free options, I use Brooklyn in my store. It’s free and does the job. Again, keep things simple.

How To Install Your Single Product Theme On Shopify?


Once it’s installed you can click the “Online Store” tab on the left to open your homepage. It will just have placeholder text and images. We will populate this later with our product images and text in the next steps.

Your homepage should now look something similar to this.

For now let’s move on to installing the Oberlo app that will allow us to find products.

PART 2 – Install Oberlo and add whatever niche products you want to sell.

How to install Oberlo?

Oberlo is a free app designed to connect Shopify directly with product manufacturers. This helps cut out a middle man and gets rid of any logistics usually associated with online retail.

Once installed we can browse Oberlo for keywords related to our niche to find product ideas. Then with one click, import a product to our store and modify the pricing, delivery method, images and product description.

Customers can then buy through our website instantly, when an order is place we simply place it with the supplier and they ship the product.


Ideally the niche market you will be targeting will be something you know a little something about, however it’s not essential. Sometimes you just find really cool products on AliExpress that fit the criteria and can then build a store around them.

The most important thing is to make sure you have a clear audience in mind when picking a product. An example of a product I sold would be a chakra bracelet, people who buy chakra bracelets usually identify with things like meditation, yoga, crystals etc. So using these hashtags, I am able to target the people I know are interested.

oil diffuser product examples are in the FB group

Browse AliExpress

Shipping Methods Available – Make sure that it has ePacket as a shipping option. This is a shipping service that allows us to get products to customers in a reasonable time (20 days) for a reasonable price ($1-3). As the items we sell are impulse purchases and novel, people generally do not mind the longer delivery time, we also make this very clear (but in a well worded way) that delivery takes time.

Text for delilvery T&Cs are in the FB group

Clear niche audience. (think, wooden straws being sold to people who hashtag things about ocean conservation)’÷

Not common everyday objects or too easy to find on the web

Not easy to guess price,

Unique, novel or useful enough to your audience. The best products speak to how your customers self identify, chakra bracelets are a great example again, when you know your audience it’s easier to sell to them.

Lightweight – cheap shipping so you can bake it into the price and offer “Free worldwide shipping”

No/few breakable parts –  We want to reduce the amount of potential. returns

Impulse purchase products – Customer can buy without research, IG converts best with novel impulse purchases. Don’t sell things people can buy in the stores.

Inexpensive to source on Oberlo/AliExpress. Less than $1-7 ideally with ePacket shipping included.(ePacket helps us get the product to the customer in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable cost. Only use products with this option.)

Anoter reason for this is that customers are price sensitive with impulse purchases, $20-40 is okay generally for most people, but ask for much more and that’s when people start second guessing.

Inexpensive to source – Easy to mark up the price. When all cuts have been taken you should be aiming to take a 40% profit margin for yourself on each sale. My stores usually work at this rate, average sale amount is approx $20 and I keep about $8 per sale.


How To Install Oberlo On Shopify?

How to find a product on Oberlo?

For the purpose of this tutorial we are going to assume you have a product in mind. If not don’t worry, jump into the Facebook group and we can brainstorm one with you (LINK TO FB GROUP). I am trying to sell oil diffusers on my store, more specifically, oil diffuser jewellery.

It’s unique, novel, lightweight (cheap shipping) and does not have many breakable parts. These are some considerations that make it a good choice. They are also cheap per unit and the mark up can be quite high on an item like this. I can get some with great reviews on Aliexpress for $2 with about $2 shipping. I will sell them for $24.99.

How To Import a Product Into Your Oberlo Store!

Once we have our product imported into the store we will be ready to design our homepage and product page.

PART 3 – Designing our store store


PART 4 – Setting up our product for sales (Images, description etc.)


PART 5 – Setting up instagram account to convert

We will start by setting up a normal instagram account under our website name. So start by setting up a gmail like and use it to set up your IG account. The tricky part comes when we try make 50. Which you will want. The more bots = more sales.

We will get into this in the Facebook group as the methods always change. For now, learn to manage 1 bot and scale from there.

Add you company name and profile pic (logo will do), don’t add your website address as we will get flagged earlier as a business selling stuff. We will add the link in the bot script later.

Add 2-5 images 

Add your bio. I use the following format.

Diffusey Co

🖤 | Beautiful Handmade Oil Diffuesers
😈 | Unique & Original, Just Like You
📿 | Oil Diffuser Necklaces & Bracelets
🌎 | FREE Worldwide Shipping

Once you have your account set up we will connect it to our bot. Sometimes it is advisable to wait 24-48 hours after creating your instagram account before switching it on. We can set up up right away though.

PART 6 – Surgically Targeted Customers Without Spending Any Money On Ads)

Welcome to the holy grail of free targeted traffic. Two words, instagram bots.

This is not the usual botting method of following or liking in the hope people pay attention to your profile. This is a technique that give a 15%+ conversion rate into real traffic. All automated, and this traffic has a very high conversion rate at turning them into paying customers as they are already interested in what you are selling.

This new method might not be around forever. Remember the company who run the bots take a percentage from each sale and require access to your store. Considering you would likely spend more that this on ads and might just lose money, this is huge.

You must note that you must only use your Shopify store to sell with this companies bots, because they can not tell the difference of sales made from the bots or from other traffic. So do not pay for any marketing, just use your store to drive traffic from their bots.

If you paid an influencer to promote your product for example, they will just see sales on your dashboard and you would need to send them their cut.

This method works by the bot company as a team member of your store so they can calculate their cut and then you pay them every 2 weeks and they keep your bots running. It’s genius, everybody wins and their is no risk!

You need to be manually granted access to this software. I also do not want to saturate this new technique so you will need to request access to this section, either join the Facebook group or email me at with Retail Arb Access as the subject line.

Once you send me a message you can be then added by a current member (me). Then you will get your PW and Username  and access to the free bot software. You and be able to replicate the steps in the setting up your bot video.

I will help you with this in the private retail arbitrage group or via email.

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