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Tom Waterhouse Tips – Betting Service Review

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At MatchedBettingOz we usually try find arbitrage via asymmetrical risk/reward opportunities to make money, with Matched Betting or Dropshipping Retail Arbitrage. This Tom Waterhouse Tips review is a little different and will only be for people who have made some good money from no-risk matched betting already and are looking to continue taking value from the bookmakers.

Unlike matched betting, the Tom Waterhouse tipping service is not a guaranteed return like matched betting, although results have proven to be great so far you will need to have an understanding of risk management and self control.

Life After Matched Betting

Usually after a year of exploiting bookmaker promotions some of your accounts will be limited and you will not be able to use their promos to extract easy profits. When this happens people usually call it a day. However, there are plenty more ways you can continue earning money from the bookmakers.

Such as learning Betfair trading, or from a professional tipping service. Tipping services do not guarantee a profit like matched betting or arbitrage.

However, a service like Tom Waterhouse can help give you a winning edge over the bookies.

They use algorithms and software to analyse each race and then have an industry expert like Tom and his team interpret the data

They use algorithms and software to analyse each race and then have an industry expert like Tom and his team interpret the data, this gives them a high degree of certainty and increase the probability of turning the bookmakers advantage into our own.

We’re going to look at some of the features and different subscription options for Tom Waterhouse tips (including the free one).

Who is Tom Waterhouse?

Tom Waterhouse comes from a family of several generations of bookmakers and horse trainers. He was the CEO of William Hill Australia after selling Tom Waterhouse bookmakers to them in 2013.

He then lead the William hill brand until 2018 up until they sold to Beteasy and William Hill left Australia. After he sold he signed a non compete agreement, this means he can’t open another bookmaker in Australia.

So he has decided to come to our side and bring his expert knowledge of horse racing and betting algorithms to give punters the edge over bookmakers with his new site

Result in his first year have been exactly as promised. With a 58% profit return so far on his free bronze package
Result in his first year have been exactly as promised. With a 58% profit return so far on his free bronze package each Saturday, you can get the FREE bronze package here!

This is good new for punters, somebody with more insight into bookmaking than anybody else is on our side! We now have the biggest (ex) bookmaker in Australia and ex CEO of William Hill with a tipping service. There could not be a better source of information.

Thus … the Tom Waterhouse tipping service was born in 2018. Using their algorithms and expert insights to help people beat the very bookmakers he used to control!

How Tom Waterhouse Tips Work

The majority of tipping services are garbage that exploit peoples own biases. They skew their results and when they scam enough people and their tips lose they bail.

Horse racing tipping services are usually just people who have strong opinions and some knowledge about racing and some software to analyse patterns.

Tom Waterhouse tips use complex algorithms to crunch their data and their multi generational insider knowledge of horse racing to analyse the outputs. He’s one of the best known bookmakers in Australia for good reason, they even have a pack on their site that costs $120,000 (yes, 120 thousand) to sit and work with Tom Waterhouse every Saturday for a year to watch how they go through their process. If you decide to take them up on that offer, let me know how it goes 🙂

This is why the Tom Waterhouse Tipping service is the only one I’d recommend you look at.

Since Tom Waterhouse left as CEO of William Hill and signed a non-compete agreement he has not been able to start a new bookmaker. So in a clever move, he as decide to come over to the side of the punters and share his inside knowledge of Australian horse racing in a brand new tipping service he set up.

Using complex algorithms and their expert knowledge to interpret it, they want to help punters find a consistent winning edge over the bookmaker.

Tom Waterhouse is putting his reputation on the line with a new tipping service that promises to help punters win

Simply put, Tom Waterhouse is putting his reputation on the line with a new tipping service that promises to help punters win!

Each week, Tom Waterhouse emails or publishes on their app a list of betting tips based on their knowledge and computing. They also recommend how many units of you betting budget you assign to each tip.

How the Risk Management Betting Units Work?

Risk management is a vital consideration when using a service like this.

A suggested starting bank of units is provided for each package. You will need to assign a dollar amount to each unit that fits your budget.

For example, for certain packages Tom Waterhouse tips recommend that you start with from 150-500 betting units depending on the package you select.

This is so you can handle the wins and losses and reduce the risk of wiping out your account if you hit a streak of losses. Again, it’s all based on algorithms and probabilities. Think like a trader, not a gambler.

500 units can be whatever you want. If you decide you want to start the service with a $500 budget, then each unit will be valued at $1. If the selection they give you suggests placing 6 units then this will mean you place $6 on that horse.

If your total budget is $1500 then each unit in your case would be valued at $3 ($1500/500 units = $3 per unit) This would then mean that on a 6 unit play you would place $18 on that horse.

The idea of this system is to make sure you can handle the variance of a short losing streak, knowing that statistically having the edge will ensure you end up profitable in the long run. When your bankroll grows or shrinks you can adjust your unit amount periodically.

Tom Waterhouse Tipping Packages

You should have an understanding of +EV and variance before using any tipping service or Betfair Trading. Again, this is not matched betting, the results are not guaranteed like with arbitrage betting. However, if you are interested in taking on the bookies with a +EV betting service, Tom Waterhouse currently offer a lot of different packs for customers.

Tom Waterhouse Bronze Package (FREE)

This pack is FREE and simple, you will be sent the single the best Tom Waterhouse tip every Saturday morning. This is the obvious place to start testing his service. Click here for their free bronze pack

What You Get

  • The 1 single best tip of the day delivered to your inbox every Saturday.
  • These selections have returned a massive 58.6% profit since they began in May 2018

Tom Waterhouse Race Results – Bronze Package

Tom Waterhouse race results

Tom Waterhouse Silver Package ($14.95)

The Silver Package gives you the top 5 selections delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning with plenty of time to place your bets. The subscription service can be cancelled any time. The return on this has been 18.8% since they started the service Click Her to start with the bronze package

What You Get

  • 5 best bets tips every Saturday for every major city meeting around Australia
  • The staking plan for each race, so you know how much of your stack to bet on each tip
  • Race comments for every bet – so you know why they are backing each runner
  • These selections have returned a massive 18.8% profit since they began in May 2018

Tom Waterhouse Race Results – Silver Package

Tom waterhouse reviewClick Here To Try Out To The Silver Package

Tom Waterhouse Gold Package ($24.95 )

With the Gold Package you get 20+ tips each Saturday morning, this is sent to your email every week.The subscription service can be cancelled any time. Unlike the other 2 packs, you will also get an explanation of each pick and importantly a unit amount to bet. This is important as you will want need to practice risk management to handle the variance involved in such a tipping service.

So if you have a total of $200 in your account for example you would not want to be betting $50 on any one horse. This would just take an unlucky streak of 4 losses to wipe you out. The goal is to give you an edge so that you will end up on top over time. So if you have $200 to bet with you would want to be betting a small percentage (unit) of this depending on the confidence level and potential returns of each tip.

You need to get into the mindset of a trader, not a mug punter. . The return on this pack has been 19% since they begun. Click here to join the Gold Package

  • The 20 best bets every Saturday for every major city horse race meeting around Australia
  • The staking plan for each race, so you know how much of your stack to place on each tip. This is very important so we can handle the varience.
  • Toms race comments for every bet – so you know why he is backing each runner
  • A Money Back Guarantee on your first month’s subscription fee if we you do not make money in the first month.
  • These selections have returned a massive 19% profit since they began in May 2018

Tom Waterhouse Race Results – Gold Package

Tom waterhouse tipsClick Here To Try Out The Gold Package
The Good
  • We’ll start with the most important. Across the longest running packages so far there has been a positive return on each.
  • They are very transparent about previous results and you can check this with their spreadsheets that show past results for races, they don’t bury their losses and put their wins on a pedestal.
  • Every week the tips are received when they are supposed to be. No delays.
  • If they are having a bad week or so of tips they will often give user free subscriptions. No guaranteed, but it’s nice to know they believe in customer satisfaction.
  • They offer a money back guarantee in their gold pack if you don’t have a positive return on your first month!
  • They offer very smooth iPhone & Android apps.
  • If you decide to cancel the service, it’s super easy and there’s not long term commitment.
The Bad
  • When the tips are published and a bunch of people begin betting on the same horses the odds can shorten. This can make it difficult to get the odds for the selections that are sent to you via email.
  • The percentage returns do not deduct the cost of membership. It’s not a big deal but something you need to think about it you are starting with a very small budget. There is no point in getting a 25% gain on $100 if you need to pay a $25 fee. Although you will slowly build up your bankroll, it’s still something to think about.

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