The top section (First 5 input fields) of the calculator are there so after each bet you place you can add it to a betting log.

This is great for keeping track of the bets you place and how much total qualifier loss you incurred. Once finished you can click “get betting log” to download a handy spreadsheet. Below is a quick example image,

Arb Calculator And Bet Calculations

Back Bet


Lay Bet

Lay stake required: $ 0.00
Your lay stake is
$ 0.00
("The amount needed in the exchange") Your liability will be
$ 0.00
If the Bookmaker Bet wins, your overall position will be
$ 0.00
If the Exchange Lay wins, your overall position will be
$ 0.00
Total profit: $ 0.00
Bet Type
Free Bet
Back Odds
B Comm (%)
Back Return
Lay Odds
L Comm (%)
Lay Risk
Lay Stake
get betting log (.csv)

This Arb Calculator Can Be Used For Your Bonus Bet Calculations Mentioned In The Tutorial

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If you are new to matched betting or unsure how we make risk-free profits using the bonus bet and arb calculator above then check out the free Matched Betting 2017 Guide to get started.

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