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How Does Matched Betting Work?

Matched Betting is a term used to describe backing all outcomes of a game and making sure you can't lose. Most of these type of bets would result in breaking even, however when one bookmaker offers a promotion like enhanced odds, we can use this, and other promotions, to guarantee no-risk profits.

This method allows us to extract cash from the bonus bets or free bets. By using this strategy you can bet on an event with no risk of losing, using the bonus bet is where we get the edge.

Step 1

Sign up to the Australian bookmakers and check their promotion section for bonus bets. We extract the cash from these.

Step 2

Place the bet with the bookmaker, then an opposing bet on the Betfair betting exchange, covering all outcomes.

Step 3

Extract the cash value from the bonus without risk and move onto the next bookie promo.

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Playing two bookies against each other to profit from the free bonus bets they offer every week. Zero gambling involved.

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Made for complete beginners, we tell you exactly what to do to make your first no risk matched betting profit. Step by step.

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This is a 100% free matched betting community residents over 18. We have all you need to start.

Guaranteed Second Income

We turn bonus bets into real cash without any gambling. We then find the latest offers in the matched betting group so you can maintain steady profits.

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New to arbitrage betting? Start with the complete 8 step guide.

Complete the no risk matched betting tutorial, make your first profits and see how it works. If you need any help along the way, we have all the guides you need and a free matched betting calculator to help you extract cash from your bonus bets.

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