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$100+ Guaranteed Arbitrage Profits - English Premier League Promotions

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To find out the back and lay amounts to back and lay your arbitrage bets you can use the matched betting calculator here.

NB: As always, check the T&Cs yourself before placing your bets, this is information only and I can easily overlook something. (If I do please let me know)

This offer uses a technique called dutch betting, if you don’t now what it is, take a look at the Australian dutch betting article.

If you are new, start with the matched betting australia guide. Turn the initial sign up bonus bets into guaranteed profit before attempting these. If you need any help just ask us in the facebook group here or in the comments below.

1) EPL Opening Weekend - Guaranteed Arbitrage Profits

Dutching - Sportsbet V Ladbrokes
The selection - All games of the first round.

Selection 1 - Sportsbet promo pays out if your team leads by HT
Selection 2 - Ladbrokes promo pays out if your team leads by HT

Method 1 - Back win-draw-win

We will be using the Newcastle v Tottenham game in our examples below.

Firstly, we will need to cover all outcomes and make sure if Team A win, Team B win, or there is a Draw, we are fully covered. We do this by using the dutch betting calculator to place 3 bets.

The first way we can play this offer is simply backing Team A, Team B and then the Draw. Using the dutch betting calculator to balance the bet out as per the example in the image here. You can see I have entered how much I want to stake and the odds from Newcastle, Tottenham and the Draw. (You can use any bookmaker to place the draw part of the bet, I used bet365*)

This first method is not for guaranteed profit as it incurs a small qualifier loss, but the upside if your team lead at HT and then Draw or lose is huge.

For a total stake entered of $55 we follow the dutch betting calculator to see what we place to balance the bet out. Remember, always use round numbers when placing your bets*.


Selection 1 - Newcastle $15 @ 3.75 on Sportsbet

Selection 2 - Tottenham $25 @ 2.05 on Ladbrokes

Selection 3 - Draw $15 @ 3.5 on Bet365

All possible outcomes

1- Newcasle lead at HT and then draw or lose the game = $52.88 profit

2) Tottenham lead at HT and then draw or lose the game = $52.88 profit

3) Any other outcome = $2.12 loss


Method 2 - Lock In Guaranteed Profit

We do this by backing the HT/FT draw/draw market instead of simply the straight Draw market like in the above example. With the early payout promo being offered on both sides, you are covered for every eventuality.

However the trade off is that although we guarantee a profit we then do not get the large payout if your team is leading at HT and draws. You will however get paid out extra if your team lead at HT and then lose (but not draw) the game, which is less likely.

For those with a larger float, this is a good option to guarantee profit. The max bet on Sportsbet is $5oo and I believe the same on Ladbrokes. However, as always check the T&Cs yourself obviously.

So similar to our previous example, instead of backing the straight draw market, we go to the HT/FT market and back Draw/Draw. This covers all outcomes as we have extra coverage from the promotion now that the bookies pay our early at half time if our team is up.

In this example I was conservative, you can bet up to 500 on the bookie, so effectively doubling this, if you have the liquidity. You can do this on every game in the first round too, easily looking at up to $50 guaranteed per game.

Selection 1 - Newcastle (Sportsbet)

Selection 2 - Tottenham (Ladbrokes)

Selection 3 - HT/FT market Draw/Draw (Bet365)

All outcomes = $29.94 Guaranteed profit


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