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August 11th – AFL Arbitrage Betting Australia – Play Of The Day

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As always, check the T&Cs yourself before placing your bets, this is information only and I can easily overlook something. (If I do please let me know)

This offer uses a technique called dutch betting, if you don’t now what it is, take a look at the Australian dutch betting article.

If you are new, start with the matched betting australia guide. Turn the initial sign up bonus bets into guaranteed profit before attempting these. If you need any help just ask us in the facebook group here or in the comments below.

1) AFL Early Payout Promotions

Dutching – Sportsbet V Pointsbet
The selection – Port Adelaide v West Coast
(Available all AFL games this round*)

Selection 1 – Pointsbet promo pays out as soon as your team leads by 20 points

Selection 2 Sportsbet promo pays out as soon as your team leads by 20 points

The best way to play this offer

Firstly we will be using the dutch betting calculator here to back both sides of this bet. You can see how we find out how much to place on each side to balance the bet out in the image below.

I have opted for a potential approx $45 cash profit in the example below giving me a $2.17 qualifier loss. You can adjust the amount you want to risk and potentially win by entering a lower or higher figure into the total stake field. Max bet is $500 I believe but you always need to check the T&Cs to confirm*

NOTE: Make sure to place round number bets with the bookmakers, for example,

At my chose stake amount of $45, my first selection is $29.14 so I will place a $30 bet on Pointsbet side of the bet and $15 on the Sportsbet side. If the odds change then use the dutch betting calculator to adjust, you can also put your own stake in.

Bet 1)  I backed $30 on Port Adelaide on Pointsbet at current odds of 1.47

Bet 2) I then backed $15 on the West Coast with Sportsbet at odds of 2.7

Potential outcomes. (NB – unlike the sign-up offers these type of promo bets are not guaranteed profit every time, however over a period of time they are very profitable and how we make money consistently over time.

Port Adelaide lead by 20 points and lose = $50 profit 

West Coast lead by 20 points and lose = $50 profit

Any other outcome = $2.17 loss

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