6th September - AFL Finals - Double Winnings

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If you don’t know how to profit from these offers, ask in the Facebook group, if you’re not a member you can request access here. You can also find out more in the matched betting blog.

To find out the back and lay amounts to back and lay your arbitrage bets you can use the matched betting calculator here.

NB: As always, check the T&Cs yourself before placing your bets, this is information only and I can easily overlook something. (If I do please let me know)

This play involves the simple back and lay strategy we use in the matched betting Australia guide. Turn the initial sign up bonus bets into guaranteed profit before attempting these. If you need any help just ask us in the facebook group here or in the comments below.

1) AFL Finals - Sportsbet $50 Bonus If Your Selction Wins (Double Winnings)

Selection 1

Sportsbet pay you out double winnings up to $50 if your team win. So we will want to aim to win that amount on the Sportsbet side. Ideally the maximum required to give us a $50 return if our team win.

We’re simply backing and laying the team we think will win the game, if we go for the maximum payout of $50 bonus, this means we will need to place a bet that ensures we win $50 if our selection wins, resulting in us also then getting a $50 bonus on top of this.

Note: Usually the closer to the game the more liquidity on Betfair, this also means the odds can get closer so we can make a smaller qualifier loss for these bets.

Bet 1) Back Richmond on Sportsbet $110 @1.42 odds

Bet 2) Lay Richmond on Betfair $109.23  @ 1.48 odds (You will need to have $50.66 in your betfair account to cover this bet.)

If odds change as they tend to do, or if you want to use a lower amount for the bet then you will need to use the matched betting calculator.

Potential outcomes. (NB - unlike the sign-up offers these type of promo bets are not guaranteed profit every time, however over a period of time they are very profitable and how we make money consistently over time.

Richmond Win = $50 Bonus Bet Profit 

Richmond Lose = $6.23 loss

This is how we made $1000+ every month!

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