Free Horse Racing Software Australia

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Free horse racing software Australia

There has never been an easier time from moving from a complete matched betting beginner to the more advanced stuff. The horse racing promos such as finish 2nd or 3rd to get a $50 bonus are on every single weekend with a lot of bookmakers such as Sportsbet and Beteasy, and one set of accounts can get us about $200+ profit from the bonus bets. You can see how we do that here.

So needless to say, if you're looking to make more profit from matched betting it's important not to overlook the horse racing promos. The main drawback with them was that you have to be quick to find close odds to match and lay for the qualifier bet within 10 minutes of the race starting, if you take too long the liquidity dries up on Betfair in minutes ... stressful stuff!

However, finally, now we have software to do it all for us. It's simple to use and it's free while it's in Beta mode so make sure to give it a try soon. It works with all the main bookies that have the horse racing promos we profit from each week, BetEasy,, Bluebet, Tab & Sportsbet.

How to install it?

You will need to download the plugin and install it using the instructions on the Bonusbank site. You can find them under the Software tab, it is called "HorsePower Beta". You can try it out with the free Bonusbank version. However if you would like to try the entire site/premium version for 7 days completely free just use the code MBOZAFL when signing up to get access to all their tools & plays.

How to use it?

It is a google chrome plugin so you will need to be using Chrome on your computer. Once it's installed you will be able to search for a race that one of the mentioned bookmakers has a promotion with. Then once you click it, the window will automatically open for the bookmaker page where you can place your back bet. Like the above image, under each horse you will see a red, yellow or green bar with the amount of qualifier loss you will incur by backing that horse with the bookmaker and laying with Betfair.

Long story short

You wait until you see a green one, this means the qualifier loss is low and there is good value in playing the promo. So when it's green, back and lay that horse and if it comes 2nd/3rd you will win a $50 bonus bet.

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