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Giddy Yup - How We Profit Horse Racing 2nd/3rd Refund Promos

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Finish 2nd/3rd horse racing promo - How to profit

Get a bonus up to $50 if your horse finished 2nd or 3rd (Most common)

This is one of the most profitable ways to sustain profits after all the sign- up bonuses have been completed. It’s fairly straightforward and similar to any of the other weekly offers we complete for profit.

it’s only recommended for people who have some experienced matched betting and have made their profits from the free sign-up bonus bets.
However it’s only recommended for people who have some experienced matched betting and have made their profits from the free sign-up bonus bets.

Why is it not recommended for complete beginners?

What makes it more difficult is that the odds tend to move quickly on the exchange as you must wait a few minutes before the race before placing your back and lay.

The reason for this is because just before the race is when the odds are closest so we can keep the qualifier bet super low and there is most liquidity in the exchange. In general it’s the first of second favourite that give the best qualifier loss. This is great as they are much more likely to finish in the business end of the field and end up either 2nd or 3rd to ensure we make decent profits over time.

What is a good amount to spend on the qualifier bet?

This can vary but generally you can expect to pay between $3-6 for each qualifier bet. If it’s a short field of horse then there is more chance you can hit 2nd or 3rd place and activate the $50 bonus so I don’t mind going as high as $6 in this case.

Where can I find these offers?

In general these offers are available accross most big bookmakers each Saturday (Crownbet, Sportsbet, William Hill, Ubet)

How much can I make?

First I want to say there is no guaranteed profit unlike the sign-up bonus offers, however they are generally very profitable over time.

Profits vary week to week depending on if you can find close odds for qualifier losses and how big the fields are (how many horses in the race, less than 10 is optimal)

You need to enter these post sign up bonus promos with the mentality that they are profitable over time, you might lose $20 one week but make $200 worth of bonuses the next so I can not give you an exact number. Remember nothing is guaranteed so only use your profits from the sign-up bonuses before getting involved in these.

In 2 years the worst weekend I had was a loss of $40 and the best I had was about $450. On average I make $100-150 each Saturday but you need to know what you are doing and remember nothing is guaranteed.

Add that to the profits I make from the daily plays and you can see matched betting can be a nice little earner!

The steps to complete this offer

  1. With about 10-15 minutes before the start of the selected race, find a horse close odds on both the back and lay on the bookmaker and betfair. You are best to pick a horse with low odds, 1st, 2nd or 3rd favourite, the reason for this is that they are most likely to finish high up the field on average and the qualifier loss is generally lower as there is usually a lot of liquidity on the favourites.
  2. Next calculate your lay stake as per any matched bet using the matched bet calculator. So this is the same as placing any qualifier bet. The only difference is that depending on the race the Betfair comission can be set to the normal 5%, 6%, 8% or sometimes 10% so make sure to enter this on the calculator. You can find the lay commission by clicking rules on Betfair when you are the page of the race.
  3. Put your selection into the betslip at both the bookmaker and Betfair and enter you stake amounts and place your bets.
  4. Double check that the odds haven’t changed and then hit confirm on your bookmaker bet first and then the Betfair la.
  5. If your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd you will get the $50 bonus or cash back refund, anywhere else and you lose the qualifier bet.
3 things to look out for

1) The odds move quickly so make sure there is plenty of liquidy so you have time to back and lay, you will need to do both within a minute so the odds dont drift apart.

2) For your first one I would recommend also using Sportsbet and William Hills oddsboost feature, you get 1 per day. This will ensure you get really close odds and can expect a qualifier loss of $1-2 so you can try it out with less stress.

3) Make sure you have the right amount of liability in the exchange before attempting to lay your bet. If not then by the time you go and deposit and get back the odds could have moved dramatically.

As always if you have any questions just leave a comment of send me an email at [email protected]


  1. Michael Joseph Sgro

    How many bookies do you do per promo as there are multiple promos for each race

    1. Author

      Hi Michael,

      Most offer promos on races 1-4 on selected tracks each Saturday. Usually I will do Sportsbet because they give you an odds boost so you can get close odds on at least one race with little effort. I also do William Hill for the same reason.

      Then I will also do Ubet as they give you a refund instead of a bonus bet. This means more profit as you get the full $50 and don’t have to turn over the bonus bet. This applies for any bookie offering a refund and not a bonus, they will be priority.

      Crownbet too when I can, if the odds are close enough.

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