2018 is going to be the year Matched betting in America takes off. Lots of new legislation has come in paving the way for bookmakers to open in the US. Also we are in the process of making a free matched betting site exclusively for matched betting in the USA. It is not set up yet but will be launched soon.

So I have set up a new Matched Betting USA Facebook group here to keep up to date on all the offers and news as it comes to us.

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No Risk Matched Betting USA

What you need to know

Firstly, you will be able to use the same steps in the matched betting guide for Australia. However as you might know it is not so simple to get a betting account for US citizens. Although there are different laws for each state in the US regarding the use of gambling sites. The general rule of thumb is that it is not allowed.

we have two decent options for making no risk profit from arbitrage betting in the USA
However,we have two decent options for making no risk profit from arbitrage betting in the USA. The first thing we can do is get onboard with the few sites that accept US customers. The best options regarding matched betting bonus bets and promotions are below.

The second option is Arbitrage betting with Bitcoin, this is relatively new, however the arbitrage opportunities have been very profitable so far. There is a more detailed post about finding Bitcoin arbitrage betting opportunities here and access to the private facebook group here.

Can I sign up to a betting exchange in the US to place a lay bet?

As of now there are no betting exchanges for sports betting, although we use exchanges in matched betting Australia and the UK to place our lay bets to cancel out the back bet this does not mean we can not do matched betting without it.

It just means we need to use an alternative to the exchanges to cover all outcomes and make sure we do not lose our initial deposit we made to unlock the sign-up bonus bet.

The solution is dutch betting.

This is a technique we can use to lay our bet without needing a betting exchange, to cover both outcomes of a match. This means we use two bookmakers against each other and place opposing back bets on each of them.

You just enter the odds of both teams into a dutch betting calculator like the one here and it will tell you how much you need to back on each team to make sure the bet balances out so that you don’t lose your initial deposit regardless of the outcome. Using this risk free way of backing both sides we unlock the bonus bet that we then make our profits from.

Where do I get started with matched betting in the USA?

Below are the ones that are the easiest and most user friendly for US customers to start with, they have good long standing reputations with bonus bets and ongoing arbitrage opportunities.

There are a good few sites that allow US users but always check the bonus T&Cs yourself obviously or jump on live chat after signing up and make sure that your account is verified and ready to go so you do not have any trouble withdrawing your earnings.

You can complete any offer by using the no risk matched betting guide, the technique in the 8 steps is the same except for the dutch betting technique mentioned above which we use to place our back/lay bets.

To get started you can get the bonus bets for the 2 leading bookmakers accepting US customers by signing up below and play them against each other to extract profit from their bonus bets.

As always if you have any questions just let me know at [email protected]

Risk Free Bet Offers For No Risk Matched Betting USA

no risk matched betting usa

1) Bovada –

The best offer to start off with is Bovada with as they accept the vast majority of states and have been around for a long time, have a good reputation among US members and generous sign-up bonuses.

They now offer a 50% sign up bonus for deposits of up to $250 meaning that you can make $175 no-risk cash with this offer.

In 2018 Bovada is the most popular site for US customers. They even accept VISA debit or credit cards issued from US banks.

They have a good amount of sports offers so that you can easily find decent arbitrage opportunities.

This means, by using the matched betting guide we can get up to $175 in no-risk profit from this offer.

Note: Bovada does not currently accept players from New York, Maryland, Nevada and Delaware due to the specific laws in place in these states. As always verify your accounts and always check the terms and conditions of the bonus bets before depositing anything.

2) – is available in all states unlike Bovada above so it could be a good one to start with if you’re from New York, Maryland, Nevada and Delaware.

We can use these to place the opposite outcome of the back bet on Bovada and cover all outcomes.

They often feature great promotions, now they are offering a 50% deposit up to $300. We can turn this into a $210 (70%) no risk matched bet profit.

As always check the T&Cs of all bonus bets as they change and make sure to verify your account for withdrawals before depositing.

Alternative Option - Bitcoin Gambling Sites

These are relatively new so you need to do your due diligence, it is only an option for anybody who has a decent understanding of how to store bitcoin securely.

If you are interested or have cryptocurrencies then you can start by reading how to win bitcoins by arbitrage betting, I have listed the best bitcoin betting sites to do it with and send you the best arbitrage opportunities as I find them.

As these sites are relatively new the odds are usually quite spread and its easy to find easy arbitrage opportunities.

The covering myself bit* All the information on this site is to inform you of your options. What you decide to do with it is up to you and this is not my responsibility.