10th Nov 2017 – Best Daily Matched Betting Offer

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As lay odds can move you will need to enter them into the calculator and see the amount needed in the exchange to lay the back bet. Always double check the numbers in the calculator before to make sure everything adds up for you before placing any bets. If you don’t understand what is happening here and how we profit from these then start here.

Calculator is here if you need it.

1) Neds - NFL Bonus Bet

Guaranteed Profit Of $14+

Neds are new and very keen to make an impression by having lots of promos early on to attract new customers. If you have yet to start no risk matched betting with them, you can get a matched deposit bonus of anything up $500 here.

SELECTION NFL - Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks

This Friday, back a team on the money line and receive a money line bonus bet on any upcoming NFL game in round 10. Max bonus bet $20.

The strategy is simply backing these offers for $20 and laying them on betfair using the calculator. You will make a $1-2 loss but get your $20 back as a bonus be so you will make a profit of about $14 profit  (70%) on all of these offers by backing and laying your bonus bet on the required games.

NB. If you have yet to start no risk matched betting with Neds.com.au you can get a sign up bonus of $500 by signing up here

2) CrownBet NFL – NFL Points Pile Up

Place a Head to Head bet (minimum $20) and if your team win, you’ll get $1 in Bonus Bets for every point they win by.

SELECTION NFL - Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks

Step 1) Back $20 on the favourite.
Step 2) Place the lay bet on Betfair using the matched betting calculator.

Potential Profit = $1 for each point your selection wins by, if they win the game.

Qualifier loss = -$1 approx

NB. If you have yet to start matched betting with Crownbet remember you can use their sign up bonus to make an easy no-risk profit using the no-risk matched betting tutorial.

You can click here their 300% matched bonus up to $150 

If you want to start making more each week feel free to join me deeper down the rabbit hole 🙂


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