How To Search For Back And Lay Odds

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Finding the best odds for matched betting

To maximise our earnings it is essential to find selections with close odds on Betfair and the bookmaker. If the back odds at bookie are a lot lower than Betfair lay odds (This is usually the case) placing back and lay bets on the same selection results in a small qualifying loss (less than 5% of our deposit). This is to be expected.

When we enter the odds into the matched betting calculator we can see what our loss will be for our qualifier bet. Usually with close odds this should be below 5% of your initial deposit for the qualifier bet.

We have two options, we can use the Oddsmatcher in the guide or do a manual search to find odds. You don’t have to find absolutely identical odds since you are making a solid profit from a free bet or bonus anyway.

If the bookmaker is not featured on the Oddsmatcher you can do a manual search for close odds, this can usually take a little time to find a close match, this is what I do to manually find a selection with 70%+ return.

How to manually find odds

I start with the EPL soccer market. I do this for 3 reasons.

1) There is always a lot of liquidity
2) There are 3 possible outcomes so more chance you will lose with the bookmaker and avoid having to do a turnover.
3) The market on the exchange is stable. The odds don’t generally fluctuate too erratically so you have plenty of time to place your bet.

With this method look for odds above 3.7 that are close and you will retain above 70% of your bonus bet as cash.

Once you get the hang of things and are gaining bonus bets and profit weekly I would recommend you sign up for a premium oddsmatcher.

This makes things so much easier as it automatically scans the bookmakers and tells you what are the best odds to place to keep your qualifier at the absolute minimum, sometimes even making a small profit.

It also means that when it comes time to place you bonus bet you will be easily able to find a game that allows you to extract 80% profit.

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    80% Bonus Retention

    Easily make an extra 10% on all your bonuses as the oddsmatcher will find the best games to back and lay to extract maximum profit.

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    No more manual searching

    Save a ton of time finding odds for qualifier bets and bonus bets. The software does it in less than a second.

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    Less than 3% Qualifier losses

    You will always find a game with super close and low odds so you wont be losing more than 3% of your deposit finding a qualifier bet.


  1. Paul Macmillan


    I read a lot about match betting but unfortunately I reside in Nsw so cant take advantage of the sign up offers.

    Can you recommend an arb finding program in Australia?

    1. Author

      Hi Paul,

      I posted a guide on how to get the bonuses in all states including NSW here if you want to take a look.

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