How To Get Bonus Bets NSW, SA, WA, VIC

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How To Get Bonus Bets NSW, SA, WA, VIC

The most common question I’m asked by you guys is about the restrictions for receiving bonus bets in NSW and for the other “restricted states‘. Firstly I would like to tell you not to worry, you always get the bonus, however it can just take an extra step or two.

The beginning of your matched betting journey is always the most enjoyable because you will make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time by turning all the sign up bonuses into about 70% guaranteed profit using the matched betting guide, so it is worth the little extra effort to get them.

Whats the problem?

Basically there is legislation in Australia that limits bookmakers from actively shoving sign-up bonuses into peoples faces and trying to entice them to start gambling.

However this does not include bonuses for people who are already members, in fact we get tons of different promotional offers each week to keep customers engaged. These are the type of offers we profit from once we complete all the sign-up offers, I post some of them in the daily offers section.

NB: I would not start these type of offers until you get your profit from the easy sign-up bonuses.

So how do I get the sign up bonus in NSW, WA, VIC & SA?

If you start matched betting from one of these states technically you are not able to receive bonus bets. NSW, SA, WA and Victoria to be more specific.

So yes, the vast majority of Australia. I’m from WA which is a restricted state and can confirm that this is not strictly enforced. The issue the bookmakers have is that they are not allowed entice new punters in these states, so technically if you’re a member already they are not enticing you by giving you a bonus.

they want nothing more that to give you a free bonus bet but they can not be seen to entice you, they just have to cover themselves.

In fact they want nothing more that to give you a free bonus bet so you stay away from their competition, but they can not be seen to entice you so they just have to cover themselves.

The way around this is usually clear cut. Sign up, don’t deposit, ask for loyalty bonus on live chat or with a phone call. If it does not work then rinse and repeat with a different agent the next day.

NB: It is best to not mention anything about the fact you recently signed up and have not deposited, simply tell them that you are looking to place some big bet this weekend on a specific event and are looking to see if they can offer you any sort of bonus to place on another event that you’re also interested in.

I tried that, but still I didn’t get a sign up bonus?

If they do not give you the bonus over the live chat then making a phone call and asking the same thing is usually much more effective. Almost 80% of the time the marketing team will have a look at your account and then just offer you a bonus.

If not and you are still waiting, simply leave your account empty and in a few days they will start sending you “loyalty bonus”. It is important to make sure you are signed up to receive promotions from them, you might have to log into te bookmaker site and check you account settings for this.

Also check your spam folder every now and then to make sure you are not missing any offers.

It’s always a good idea to move on to the next bookmaker while you are waiting to be awarded your bonus, if you sign up for multiple and don’t deposit the offers will start rolling in. The easiest offers to get across all states and the easiest to turn into over 70% risk free cash are listed here.

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