2 New Opportunities For 2018

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Firstly some free money 🙂 I recently added a new sign up bonus to the site, it’s a $200 sign up bonus for a new(ish) bookmaker called Pointsbet. It’s here if you’re looking for a new sign-up bonus, $175 guaranteed profit! They only have a 1x turnover requirement too which is great for us!

Usual story, if you’re from a restricted state, just sign up and leave the account empty for a few days, then hop on live chat*

The 2 New Ways I’ve Been Making Risk Free Profits

I’m sure some of you know in June there is even more legislation against Australian bookies coming, primarily how they promote their betting websites. You can read about it here.

“Restrictions on credit and “free bet” inducements will be included in a wave of new online gambling protection measures that will all be phased in over the coming months.”

This will change how they give bonuses out, it looks like there will be a ban on all bonus sign-up bets from June. Well obviously at face value this sounds like bad juju for the matched betting community, and very well could be. However this may not be the case.

Considering that most states are technically banned from sign up bonuses already it probably wont make a huge difference, most likely they will simply not offer sign-up bonuses any more but re-word them as simply matching or doubling the amount that you place on your first bet or some other work around as they have always done in the past.

in June we will have all the bookmakers fiercely competing for our future custom.

We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. However one thing is for sure, in the run up to the new legislation being implemented in June we will have all the bookmakers fiercely competing for our future custom.

We will most likely be in for a lot of reload offers and more generous bonuses before the legislation comes into play. That is why now is the most important time to start if you have not already. 

After June you may not be able to get the easier and largest matched betting profits
After June you may not be able to get the easier and largest matched betting profits from the Australian sign-up bonus bets.

Although I do not think it is going to make a huge difference to us, as always I have been preparing for a doomsday scenario for if they just flat out stop awarding bonuses and the promotions that we use to profit each week. I want to make sure we will have lots of ways of making no-risk profits from playing the bookmakers against each other. Below are the 2 I have started using recently to increase my monthly income.

New opportunity #1

Arbitrage with 3 way dutch betting. (not as complicated as it sounds*)

This is like regular arbitrage betting where we wait for a game where one bookmaker gives favourable odds and when we back a team on each side of a head to head game on 2 bookmakers to make a small guaranteed profit no matter the outcome.

This is great however the profits are usually very low <2%, these opportunities also disappear very quickly as the bots get involved and after a lot of people bet on the team the odds move down. So unless you have a very large bankroll and are very quick it’s tough to profit from regular arbitrage.

However there is a way or guaranteeing profit from arbitraging with 3 outcomes. Below is a recent example of odds for a Bayern Munich soccer game on 3 separate sites for the Win-Draw-Win market. When we place any amount into the total stake box (I did $1000 in my example) you will return 4.13% no matter the outcome of the game. In my case I get $1041.33 back. So a tidy $41 no risk profit.

So a nice 4.13% return. Right now you might think you will never have the cashflow to do this but after the sign up bonus offers and weekly promos you should have some nice bankroll to play with. Unless you already blew it on a new phone or holiday!

Where do I find these arbitrage opportunities?

There is software on Bonusbank that automatically scans all the Aussie bookmakers to find these and other arbitrage opportunities. This adds a tonne more value to and already to a site that brings me in over $1k (aud) per month as it is. It’s under their software section if you do the free trial.

Remember you can get a free 7-day trial to test it out before paying for anything. So I would suggest you give it a shot and keeping an eye out for these type of arbitrage opportunities.

You can get the free 7 day trial using the code MBOZAFL at the checkout.

Click here for the free trial to check out the Arbitrage software

Right now you have to refresh it yourself and check if there are any opportunities but I believe soon they will and a notification feature that means you will get an email every time there is free money up for grabs!

Also while you have the trial you should do the daily offers and promos to make some more profit to get a feel for how to profit after the sign up bonus bets if you don’t know.*

New Opportunity #2

Sports Arbitrage With Bitcoin

If cryptocurrency is not your jam then this wont be for you, but this is a great option for anybody who understands cryptocurrencies, as these sites are new there are often 1-10% arbitrage opportunities across the 4 largest bitcoin sportsbooks.

I’ve been testing this out for a few months and making some nice little BTC profits, I’m not sure how the bookies will feel when I start playing larger amounts and winning but the beautiful thing is that if my account gets limited with a BTC sportsbook I can just create another account. I have begun posting the offers alongside the tutorial on arbitrage betting with bitcoin. If this is something that interests you then take a look here and join the private facebook group here for where I post these opportunities.

Click here for the arbitrage betting with Bitcoin article

As always, if you have any questions about this method just let me know at [email protected], in the FB group or leave a comment below.


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      That is only something you can answer, when I started, I transferred about .01BTC to each sportbook because I didn’t have that much BTC and I am still hesitant to put large amounts into these sportsbooks as they are still quite new, I also wanted to get the hang of it. As of now its all been fine, the thing to remember is that as you will be making about an average of 5% on these arbitrages you need to cover the transaction fee for BTC also.

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