Matched betting promo ban

Avoiding Promo Bans | Tip #1 | Web tracking

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Once you begin arbitrage betting and profiting from reloads you must start placing “mug bets” every now and then to look like a good value customer and not somebody exploiting promotions. Otherwise, you will be banned from promotional betting pretty quickly.

It is known that certain bookmakers use tracking cookies to follow you on the web, an unfortunate state of affairs yes, but it’s common practice to use tracking cookies online. Airlines are notorious for doing it so this fix will also get you cheaper flights 🙂

The best and easiest way to counter this is by using a free Chrome plugin called ghostery.

This essentially sits beside the search bar, when you land on a website you can click the ghost and it will tell you what plugins, cookies, and trackers are running in the background. The vast majority are harmless like Google Analytics.

The main one we need to look out for is IESNARE, bookmakers in the UK are known to use this to track users across the web. I can’t confirm if the Australian bookmakers use IESNARE or something similar but it is definitely something work looking out for.

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