How to sustain profit after sign up bonus bets

How to sustain profit after the sign-up bonus bets for matched betting Australia.

A big question is how sustainable is matched betting after the sign-up bonuses are complete. Well, luckily the Australian bookmakers are very generous, unknown to them of course. Once you complete the initial sign up bonus bets and turn them into over 70% profit you should be about $2000-3000 richer using the method laid out in the no risk matched betting Australia guide.

If you have not completed these sign up offers yet then you should complete them first. If you already did this then well done, It is reason enough to rejoice. However, when the bonus bets dry up we slightly change our tactics. Here are the common ways we profit after the sign ups are complete.

I should emphasise that you do not need to know anything about the sports you are backing and laying, we are not being biased or gambling so it doesn’t matter. It is all just math completed by the calculator.

From this point you have 2 choices, take your $3000, enjoy it and move on richer that before, or get involved in some promotional bonus bets that you can make small qualifier losses and you may not unlock a bonus every time but over time you will profit greatly.

Open matched betting accounts for friends and family

Okay, this one is my favourite and the easiest so it goes first, bookmakers do not want you running multiple accounts but with the right precautions, it is possible to help a friend or two on their match betting journey and maybe split the profits 50/50. That essentially means that each friend you convince to let you manage their accounts you can make $1500 additional.

This is great when you get the hang of Matched betting and have the confidence and the money from the winnings on your own sign-up bets can be used as liquidity. It is important to use all their details, address, bank account, email etc.

It is also important to place the bets at different times of the day if possible and not to make identical bets across all accounts as this looks bad. Another thing to be aware of is the IP address of the computer that you are using. This needs to be different also, the two ways of doing this are

1) If it is possible then use a different computer. Their computer is the easiest way but not always possible.

2) Clearing cookies and search history and then restart the browser. You will also need a VPN which allows you to change your IP address to another based in a different location in Australia. I pay $60 per year for PureVPN. This is worth considering if you decide to manage multiple accounts. As you will only being doing this after making huge profits it will not be a problem paying $60 knowing with your friends accounts you will make $1500 each.

TIP* Female accounts are scrutinised much more. If you are doing them for a friend make sure that if they need to confirm she is using the account and not somebody on her behalf that she can talk to them if needs be.

Arbitrage betting

There are lots of sites that will show you when a bookmaker is giving exceptionally good odds for a back bet, then they will compare it to the odds and Betfair and tell you how much you will win if you back with the generous odds and then lay the bet off on Betfair at lower odds. This is more advanced and usually this requires a lot of money to make it profitable.

It is not something I recommend doing in your first year of Matched Betting. As discussed earlier I would only ever do something like this after and if you are promo banned.

Playing the current bonus bets that bookmakers offer each week.

By far this is the most popular way of continuing profits. What we do is locate the good promos each week, most bookmakers offer $50 bonus bet refunds if certain things happen in a game. Below are some recent examples.

Real Life Example 1;
WilliamHill for the Australian Tennis open. (Chase The Ace)

Essentially they offered a bonus bet of anything between .55c and $10 for every Ace that the player you back hits, under the condition that you bet a minimum of $25 on that player to win. So most punters would have to risk $25 to unlock this great bonus, we matched bettors know better so we back and then lay the favourite and with this, of course we make a small qualifying loss of around 5% so $1.25 for each game.

Now you might notice that this is technically not risk free as you can lose $1.25 if the player hits 0 aces in the game. This, of course is unlikely to happen. Over the course of doing this with one account for the duration of the tournament. (50+ games) my outcome was

Amount in qualifier losses - $75 Amount of bonus bets -$1400

So when I turn this into 70% profit for one account I make $905 for one week “work” about 1 hour or less a day backing and laying 15 matches. Similar offers to these will happen several times throughout the year with big tournaments. I will be sending out an email with instructions when these come around so if you have not already you should join the email list through the website

Real Life Example 2; Bet 365 AFL+NRL

“Bet up to $100 and get a free in-play bet up to that amount.”

This one is amazingly simple, back and lay a team before the game to make a qualifier loss of <%10 and then you get a $100 bonus to use in game. When the game starts simply repeat the process using the”free bet” on the calculator to extract the profit from it. My usual outcome

Qualifier loss = $5.5
Bonus activated = $100 to be used in game Profit = 70% of $100 - $5.5 = $64.5

During last season they did this with both NFL and NRL and about 2 games of each a week. That is 4x$65 ($260) each week from one bookmaker.

Real Life Example 3;

This is most common across all team sports. These are on every week on most bookmakers for whatever sport is in season, NRL,AFL,NFL,EPL etc.

If your selection leads at X time and lose the game, receive up to $50 cash back

Score 1st and lose (and variations of this)

The way we play this is only bet on games that give us a small qualifier loss, again under 10% will still give you very good value in the long run. If you can choose fairly even teams with close odds this increases the probability of the bonus hitting your account. I will use the common AFL bonus as an example.

Sportsbet, Crownbet and Luxbet often run a lead at the end of the 1st quarter and if you lose you will receive a $50 bonus bet. This obviously does not happen every game so you could lose $3-4 one day and gain a $50 bonus the next. This bonus is activated a lot and there is great money to be made long-term. Just use some of your $3000 winnings for the sign up bets to place them and remember even if the first few don’t activate you only need 1 in 10. I have made thousands of dollars in profit with these types of promotions over time.

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