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Bonus Money Review 2020

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BonusMoney Review 2020

Bonusmoney Review 

Bonusmoney Australia are offering a one month trial for $1 so you can try them out yourself. You can expect to make 500x this with minimal effort!

How does Bonusmoney work?

After completing some of your sign up bonus bets and going through the matched betting Australia tutorial, you should start looking at making consistent weekly income while matched betting.

Bonus Money is $1 for your first month and then $49 per month after this. You wont mind paying though, In 3 years I’ve never made less that $500 a month matched betting and they will help you 1 on 1 to make good money each month.

Here are some of the features that you can use for Matched Betting with Bonus Money Australia have on offer.

Top 5 Features 

Bonus Money Oddsmatcher 

The Bonus Money Australian Oddsmatcher is great for finding the best odds available to maximize the returns on your bonus bets and to keep your qualifier losses to an absolute minimum.

You can easily retail 75% of every bonus with zero effort, just one click. You can ofter find close back and lay odds that will give you a 85% retention. This alone is worth the subscription fee!


This is to be used to profit from the 2nd/3rd place horse racing promotions each week. It's a google chrome extension, when you are on a bookmaker site looking at odds of the horses in the race, the plugin will add an extra fied below the bookmakers odds, it will display the Betfair exchanges live odds.

It works with a simple traffic light system, red means the odds are too far away on that horse so backing and laying it would not be a good idea, you would incur a large qualifier loss and it makes it more difficult to profit over the long term. Orange means the odds are close, but still not good enough. When it is green, this means that by backing and laying the horse at this price you will get much a better value bet and a small qualifier loss, so you might only risk $2-3 for the chance of unlocking a $50 bonus bet.

Over the long term, this is a ridiculously profitable strategy, it's how I make most of my matched betting profits each week.

Calculators to profit from a huge variety of promotions.

Apart from the basic back/lay matched betting calculator and 2 and 3 way dutching calculator they 

  • 2nd / 3rd Place guarantee
  • Double winnings Calculator for guaranteed profits on double winnings offers
  • Expected value simulator (this is invaluable)
  • Each way arbing calculator

And much more, you just need to sign up and get stuck in!


The Bonus Money offer calendar lays out all the offers available each day and the expected value expected by playing these offers (profit over time)

You can also filter by both the bookmaker and sport, It’s awesome.  If you are confused about how to place the bets of how exactly to profit from them you can ask a member of the Bonus money team and they will guide you.

Guides and Community

They have 2 communities on Facebook, a free one and one for the paid members. They also have all the guides and support you will ever need to make sure you are making great money matched betting each month.

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