If you’re unsure how we use the dutching calculator to make profits each week you should take a look at the article below. This explains how we use it to arbitrage bet with Australian bookmakers.

TIP: Always place bet amounts with round numbers with the bookmakers*

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This post explains how to use the dutching Calculator above to make profits matched betting each week. 

Guide To Using The Dutching Calculator For Arbitrage Betting

Dutch betting or dutching is a technique where we choose a selection on one bookmaker and then choose an opposite selection on a different bookmaker. It’s similar to the simple back and lay strategy we use in the regular no risk matched betting Australia guide.

The difference is that we don’t use a betting exchange to lay our opposing bets to hedge against the other outcomes, we use other bookmakers, there are several benefits to this.

This can be a great strategy if several bookmakers are offering promotions on the same game. We can place all our opposing bets with each bookmaker to balance the bet out, we will still make a qualifier loss in most cases. However it will be just one small qualifier loss to have a chance of hitting it big with a lot more bonus bet profit.

The Dutching Calculator vs Lay Betting

1) If you have a turnover requirement you can add this bookmaker into your dutch bet. This means you are getting extra value out of your qualifier losses.

2) It can also be used to mug bet, if you use a bookmaker without a promo to balance the other side of a bet instead of laying it off on Betfair the you will make the same qualifier loss in most cases but the bookmaker will see we are not only betting on promo offers and this can keep your account alive longer.

3) One qualifier loss for the chance to hit a huge amount of bonuses across lots of bookmakers.

How to use the dutching calculator to make money online from Australia!

I will keep it straightforward and show you the easiest and most common dutching promo we play. I post often them in the Facebook group.

The simplest way profit from this is with sports bets. A bookmaker might offer a promo that if a team leads by 24 and lose they pay out early, another will offer the exact same promo.

This means that if we back one team with Bookmaker A and the other with Bookmaker B using the head to head dutching calculator we will make a small qualifier loss, but if either team lead by 24 and go on to lose we will get paid out twice and make a huge amount of profit for very little risk.

These simple head to head bets are perfect for the dutching calculator. However as we like to play as many promos as possible that are likely to convert into profit we will want to add more bookmaker promotions into the same bet, some examples of how we do this are below.

This is where having a service like Bonusbank comes in handy. We made over $2700 using Bonusbank in June and the World Cup and plays like the ones below played a huge part in this. (PS. If you want to try them out yourself, there is a free 3-day trial available here, just use the code ALERTSOZ at the checkout.)

They pick the best promos most likely to make us money and combine them daily like in the image below. We then use the dutching calculator to see how much to back on each bookmaker to make the most profit.

Dutching Calculator -Real world example  #1

As you can see at the price they play the bet below. We lose $20 in a qualifier amount if Essendon win but if that happens you will also make $32.5 with the other Bookmaker, and if Collingwood win you lose $7.2 in a qualifier loss but will very likely make a lot of money from the bonus offers, simply add more bookmakers in like the example below. This is how we clear $1000 profit each month through using bonusbank.

Dutching Calculator

Dutching Calculator -Real world example  #2

Another very profitable example of where you can use the dutching calculator is with soccer games like the during the world cup. If you want to dutch bet soccer games you will need to place 3 bets are unlike a head to head AFL/NRL bet you will have 3 outcomes to bet on, Team A win, Draw and Team B win.

Below is how I am using it during the world cup offers that 2 bookmakers had.

As you can see in the Bonusbank example below no matter what happens we are guaranteed a profit by simply playing the 3 bookmakers against each other, and if one of the bonuses activate we are in to win a huge amount more, over $300 risk free!

Dutching Calculator Australia