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Extra Matched Betting Tips

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1) Pay attention to the Matched Betting Calculator

A common beginner matched betting mistake is not setting the matched betting calculator to the correct setting.

Remember for your qualifier bets, it needs to be set to "Qualifier/Arb" and then when it comes time to extract the profit from your bonus bets you need to change the mode to "Free Bets"

This is because the both require different calculations. One is simply calculating how to cover back bet and the other is taking the bonus amount into account and helping you leverage it to extract profit.

2) Place you bet with the bookmaker before the exchange.

You should place you back bet before you lay it off on the Betfair exchange. This is because the odds can change at any moment with the bookmaker.

However on the exchange you can see exactly how betting liquidity is available so you can be fairly certain the odds wont move if this is high enough.

3. Remember to check the T&C of the promos

Each bookmaker has their own requirements before they let you extract the cash won from a bonus bet from your account. In some cases you might have to bet through your winnings using the qualifier bet technique 1x-3x depending on the bookmaker.

They also often have different minimum odds you must wager before withdrawing. So it's important to pay attention to this before placing your qualifier bets.

4. Join the Facebook group as ask a question in our new forum.

We are the largest matched betting community in Australia and you can ask questions or follow along in the background making profits with us all each week. You can join the Facebook group here!

5. When you are at the stage of matched betting full time, go pro!

When you are making a nice profit from matched betting, we recommend that you take it to the next level. The best we have in terms of premium matched betting in Australia would be a site like Bonusbank.

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