What is a mug bet

Mug Betting Explained

In Matched Betting Australia Guides by Dave

Basically, Mug betting is placing regular bets on markets that don’t have promotions attached to them. WE need to do this every now and then to keep our bookie accounts open, you can not just play promo markets, your account will be restricted from them for not losing enough.

If you are just beginning your journey with matched betting Australia. When you begin doing the weekly promo offers later on you will need to consider this.

Mug betting isn't guaranteed to keep your account open and people are not sure wether it in fact even helps. Personally I would recommend it, it is not worth the risk of losing your bookmaker accounts.

Why should I mug bet?

The main reason is to keep the bookmaker accounts alive with access to all the promotions. If a bookie thinks you're not losing enough money to them, they can restrict your account and not allow you to participate in the promos anymore

We therefore need to do our best to fly under the radar, and attempt to appear as usual punters.

How to avoid bonus bet restrictions in Australia?

It is difficult to maintain all your accounts when you are playing every weekly promo available, even if you mug bet you would still not look like a regular punter.

However there are a few things that you might be able to do to help.

Consistant Mug Betting

The best way to do this would be, for every few promos you play, you simply place 1-2 mug bets. By backing and laying you ensure that you will not lose the bet of course. You will then look like a regular punter playing a non promotional market.

Act like a regular!

Do what a regular gambler would do. Keep an eye out for big sorting events with no promotion and back and lay them. Playing popular markets like this will make you look lika any old punter.

Tip 1) Vary your stakes, don't always try for the maximum.

An example, for an offer of stake $100 and receive $100 bonus, Sometimes it is best to place a bet of say $50-70 to make it look like you are not just doing it for the bonus bet. This will throw the bookies off your scent and ensure you account is not flagged as somebody just hammering the matched betting promotions all the time.

Tip 2) Only play big markets

Don’t place your bonus bets or bonus money on strange markets like the second division Serbian soccer league. just because their odds give you an extra 5% profit. Only play markets like the AFL, English football, Horses, cricket basketball etc. When there are lots of other punters betting on the same thing, you will get lost in the crowd. This is what we want.


Although there is no certain way to keep access to the bookie promo markets, as it is at their discretion. There are things we can do to stay under the radar.

It's always worth making the extra effort to keep your matched betting accounts alive as long as possible!