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SportsChamps Australia Review

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Sportschamps are a unique and fun tournament betting site (not like a regular bookie) and you can try it out for free!

SportsChamps Review | Tournament Betting

SportsChamps are not a standard bookmaker so we will likely never be able to use them regularly to make no risk matched betting profit.

SportsChamps offer the ability to enter betting tournaments with big prize pools, depending on the amount of people in the tournament. It is a social way for a punt against mates.

What is SportsChamps?

SportsChamps are Australian tournament betting website, they do not offer betting on traditional markets. They are offering something new and unique to the betting scene in Australia, similar to Pointsbet introducing spread betting to Australia.

Tournament betting is a social way of betting on events it can be much more fun. (Think fantasy football leagues)

How Does SportsChamps Work?


Using SportsChamps In 4 Steps.

  • At first, you pay to enter a tournament of your choice, the fee then goes into the final prize pool.
  • They then award you with $10,000 worth of SportsChamps own currency called ChampCash. This is what you place on your selected bets when the tournament starts.
  • There is a leaderboard for each tournament, so you can see how you are performing and how accurate your predicting are compared to the others in the tournament.
  • You have to place at least 5 bets to be declared winner of the tournament.
    Depending on where you finish on the leaderboard once the competition ends you will receive your payout.

What Is ChampCash?

When the tournament ends all the players are ranked based on how much ChampCash they have won from placing bets during the tournament.

At the end, all the money in the pot is divided up and shared out. Depending on the rules of the tournament this can vary. It is usually the top 25% or 40% of the players that are awarded some profit from the pot.

The higher amounts going to the people at the top of that. There are also a variety of different payouts that you can set your tournament up for. You can set it so that only 1 person wins if you want!

There's also a re-buy option to get you back into the tournament!

SportsChamps in a nutshell!

Step 1) You enter a SportsChamps tournament of your choice (AFL,NRL etc.)

Step 2) You deposit and are awarded ChampCash, then place a minimum of 5 bets on the sport. 

Step 3) Depending on how well you do, you move up the leaderboard and take over your mates. Then take all their money!

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